Ine Lamers - Lowlands (Banjaard 2)

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Galerie Ron Mandos is proud to present the new limited edition by one of our talented artists.

About the RM [edition]
We are delighted to present the series Low Lands. Ine Lamers once again uses photography as a way to playfully grapple with life’s bigger questions, those of man’s relation to his environment.

The ‘Banjaard’ is a beach and dune area in Zeeland Kamperland. The dunes have been partially shielded from people in order to stimulate the natural flora and to allow the plains to be flooded without any hindrance. The photo was taken a half hour before the sun went down in February. The low sunlight spreads a cinematographic light, whereby the location looks like a backdrop to a western. The image invites the viewer to look, and lose yourself in looking.

Lowlands (Banjaard 2), 2016
Printed on Hahnemuehle Photorag 200 gr. paper
Including frame 35 x 50 cm
Edition of 12 plus 3 artist's proofs (#1/12)
€ 1,000.00 Excl. 6% VAT

Artist Ine Lamers has been active as an artist since the early 1990’s. Her primary medium of interest has categorically been photography, however both video and text have played an important role.

Lamers’ work was first recognised for her compelling large format colour photos, and immersive, slightly obscure, slide and video installations. More recently she has been engaging in various long-term research projects within Eastern Europe.  These projects result in spatial installations that invite the viewer to explore unknown places through a range of media and artistic strategies. 

“I’m drawn to darkness, to obscurity and to a dreamlike realm. Maybe this is unconsciously related to my view on the unstable state of our existence in the world, a condition we all have to succumb to.  My relationship to photography has evolved throughout the years. However, I always come back to a desire to understand and connect with our surroundings through the camera and photography. While experimenting with the boundaries of the medium, I attempt to reach an in-between zone, a zone on the edge of the imaginary.” 

For the series of Low Lands, 2015-2016, Ine Lamers has been engaging with Dutch coastal landscapes.  She photographed areas in Zuid- Holland and Zeeland, where nature is carefully saved and protected, as well as places where, on the contrary, nature has recently started to respond to human infringements. These precious sites appeal to Lamers as places of desire and memory and even as sites of resistance.  

Working intuitively and with a slow pace, she photographed the landscapes at twilight or at dawn. To intensify the experience of a longing gaze, both for the photographer and for the viewer, she applied multiple long exposures and added analogue filtering. The mysterious hazy tones and blurriness, that are the result of these photographic processes, obscure the view and veil parts of the image. Meanwhile, the unrealistic colours enhance the feeling that these landscapes are set somewhere between the imaginary and the real.



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