The White Exploit | Film
Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam
12.05.2018 - 16.06.2018

'The White Exploit' was created as a special project for the international group exhibition 'Faith Love Hope' at Kunsthaus Graz, Austria (April - September 2018). The video is filmed at a local catholic seminary. Chain-smoking people completely dressed in white are watching the seminary students eating their lunch, creating a tense juxtaposition between an everyday action and a tableau of watchers highly charged with pathos. The watchers refer to 'The Guilty Remnant' of the American TV-series 'The Leftovers', which is an organisation of self-proclaimed 'Living Reminders' perceived as nihilistic and atheist.

The video's title is derived from a poem by Emily Dickinson. The soundtrack 'The Plaint' is by Henry Purcell, sung by Alfred Deller.